We try to maintain a low-anxiety environment,

so our process is completely hands-on, allowing us to be highly in tune to your pets' body language. This helps us work at their pace which makes them feel safe and allows us to finish quickly and thoroughly. 

We try our best to accommodate all of our customers and hope to keep you and your pet happy for years to come.

Each pet or family gets their own suite

with water, plenty of room to move around, and limited interaction with other animals. We attempt to call you just before services are completed so waiting to go home is brief. If you are not able to come right away, your pets are kept comfortable in their suite.

While in our care, your pets' well-being and comfort is of the utmost concern.

Our staff has years of experience and is trained to be aware of your pets' body language and implements a variety of techniques to accommodate even the most anxious of animals.

We do not use cage driers

​but instead hand towel and blow dry your pet. If at any point we sense they are getting overly stressed, we offer them a break from the process.