Our Story

 When the doors of Li'llix Salon for Dogs opened in 2012 in the affluent city of Rancho Santa Margarita, California...no one came in. Li'llix opened its doors with no fanfare and no clients. It was merely a chance taken by an entrepreneur who had the expertise of over a decade of experience in the pet industry and was tired of having little ability to make big changes with his "unconventional" ideas at large, corporate-run companies.

After struggling to be heard, he made the tough and scary decision to venture out on his own and prove his "unconventional" model was a successful one. It was the idea for an upscale salon experience for dogs that puts their comfort and safety at the forefront. Services would be packaged so all grooming needs could be met. Pricing would be straightforward so customers could get an all-inclusive groom for their pets. And it had to have a cute name but sound posh. Little Licks...Li'l Licks...Li'llix Salon for Dogs!

Over a short time, Li'llix would rapidly grow through word-of-mouth and build a reputation for its safe and comfortable environment for pets, exceptional grooming standards, and happy pet parents. These days, Li'llix continues to elevate the grooming experience for its clients and give them the best experience possible. It continues to gain many new, four-legged clients from all over Orange County while more familiar furry faces - ones that had once ventured into a little idle and unfamiliar grooming shop and gave it a chance - still continue to visit regularly.