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We do our very best to make our customers happy and to get your pet done in a timely manner. In order to do this, we schedule employees and appointments strategically according to the volume of business to best optimize efficiency. We understand the busy lives of our customers. We ask our customers to please notify us as early as possible of any changes you need to make with your appointment in order to not incur additional charges. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure we have an accurate and legible phone number.

For Felines

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Late Drop Off   15
Later than 20 minutes after the scheduled appointment time. After 40 minutes, appointment will be rescheduled and charged for cancellation.
Late Pickup   15
Picked up later than 2 hours after our first call.

Cancellation   25
Any appointment cancelled same day.

Overnight   45
Any pet not picked up by closing will need to be picked up the next business day.

      We want you to be happy with your pet’s groom and are happy to make any necessary changes before you leave the salon.  Services are non-refundable, however, you may contact us within 48 hours of your original appointment time if you would like to modify the original groom and we will be happy to make a follow-up appointment in order to make these changes.  We will be happy to provide additional services and upgrades to the original groom at the owner’s expense during the follow-up appointment; however, this must be stated at the time of making the follow-up appointment.

​      ​Prestige Services

It doesn't say it in the name, but we offer many of the same services for cats as well. And with the same clever little names. Must call to book cat appointments.

A La Carte


Yes, puppies are adorable but a little, furry ball of movement, curiosity, and trepidation can be tricky to groom. The grooming process can be long and a bit intense for a young, inexperienced pup. Additionally, after a bath and blow dry and nail clipping and everything else that comes with grooming, we really can't be sure how they might react to the buzz of the clippers on their body and scissors around their face.

To ease them into the process, we recommend starting them out with our Fresh Pup Package. We are certain we can complete this service without causing too much anxiety for a fearful pup. If they cooperate and seem to be tolerating the process, we can try to do more depending on their comfort level.

If it seems they can't yet handle a full haircut, we may work up to it in the following grooms so they can gradually acclimate to the whole process and not have too endure too much all at once.

Our top concern is making your pup comfortable with the grooming process. He/She has a long life of grooming ahead and we want to start them off right.

By grouping routine services intoGROOMING AND BATHING PACKAGES, we are able to provide everything your dog needs to look good and smell great at an exceptional price. Plus, you walk away knowing what you will be charged for when you pay at pick up.

No matter how well you brush your pet, matting happens. We’re used to doing a regular amount of dematting on most of our customer’s pets and it’s already included in the brushing in all of our grooming packages. And while we pride ourselves on being able to demat most pets in more involved cases, this does take time and can become uncomfortable to your pet. When we perform this service, we work at your pet’s pace and make sure they have breaks when needed. We do apply a charge for extensive and severe cases due to the additional labor and time.



Nail Grind & Trim     10 
Gland   10
Brush Out   15
30-Day Flea Treatment   15

Additional services may need to be added to your package for the ultimate groom. We will tell you at check-in if we think we will have add these.

48-hr lookin' good guarantee

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If you prefer, you may choose these services individually. Walk-ins welcome for these services.

All of your grooming packages are priced by these categories:

Hand Scissoring   15

Added to Standard Poodles, Doodles cut with an “A” 
comb or longer, and any haircut longer than an “E” comb.

Hand Stripping   15

Dematting     7

For matting of the face, tail, and up to 30% of the body unless purchasing the Pampered Pooch package.
Heavy Dematting   15
For severe matting on more than 30% of the body unless purchasing the Pampered Pooch package.